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  • Mostly TC Metro area
  • Service map:
  • Service is costly unless subsidized
  • Participates in federal subsidy program which enables them to provide broadband internet for free to families qualifying for free & reduced lunch
  • Requires hard line to home
  • Have income criteria for free internet - Andy Saunders at Lionsgate Academy has done the research.


  • Broader service in MN - but not in all counties
  • Service Map in MN:
  • Requires hard line to connect
  • Proprietary modem
  • Service comes over phone lines which almost all homes have already
  • Don’t know income criteria for free internet


  • Within City of Minneapolis borders (only)
  • Fiber - selected areas of Minneapolis, mostly south of downtown
  • Wireless - from transmitters installed on city light- and power-poles - This is the only USInternet option north of downtown
  • 6 Mbps service with proprietary modem @ $20 per month
  • Quality and service speed depends on proximity to transmitter
  • Sam Turner - Operations Manager - 952-210-8703
  • Will discuss providing bulk service to schools if billing can be centralized, at something less than $20 per month
  • 1 Mbps service roaming - always free
  • Currently need credit card to sign up, even though no charges
  • Sam Turner will explore how to overcome this if schools sponsor service

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