Our Mission:

To serve families, students and other stakeholders of community vested but academically low performing schools by establishing  flexible support structures, which embrace local school circumstances and community leadership to create an environment designed to ensure all students the opportunity to attain their maximum potential within a sound organizational framework. 

Accordingly, our work to support community-driven school change includes facilitating change processes, developing boards, supporting boards/school-leaders as they develop and approve policies, formulate budgets, set high instructional and learning goals for staff and students, while nurturing a climate conducive to continuous improvement.


My Experience

I served as Treasurer and Board Chair on the Board of Directors of LoveWorks Academy (LWA) from 2013-2019.   I became a pioneering member of the LoveWorks Academy school transformation initiative, where LWA became the first school in the region to initiate a Community-Driven School Turnaround (CDT).  

I participated in a case study by Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) entitled "Community-Driven Change: An Idea whose Time has Come."  After completing a successful school turnaround, I was invited by The School Leadership Project (TSLP), to co-author a Field Guide entitled "Community-Driven School Turnaround in MN" and to participate as a panelist, speaking to groups of education leaders.

In the vision to catalyze and spread community-driven school change as a unique form of parent engagement, I participate and lead in national conversations and conferences. 

I currently lead the Regional Turnaround Strategy Group (RTSG).  A group comprised of educational professionals, research and policy makers, authorizers, philanthropists, board members and community organizations.

Today our pool of talent, enables collaboration between a number of committed partners and 

schools who are actively seeking meaningful transformation. 

About Me

I have a Finance degree with years experience at Fortune 500 companies leading various Accounting teams.  My skill sets are Management- Oversight- Leadership- Team Building- Mentoring- Staff Development. 

I joined the work of educational social justice in 2015 after witnessing the inequities within the school system. Partnering with The School Leadership Project (TSLP), I lend my strengths to extending the strategies of Community-Driven School Turnaround (CDT) throughout the region, in support of schools going through self initiated/authorizer mandated school change. 

We have a shared belief that all children deserve schools worthy of their potential and that those who are most directly impacted by educational inequity must have leadership and authentic decision-making power in the work of reforming our schools and systems.

As additional support to the CDT initiative, I partner and collaborate with school leaders and boards to create pathways to school stability and to internally strengthen the school by utilizing proven community-driven turnaround strategies.  



We approach each district partnership with the mindset that while we can share what has worked elsewhere, we must seek to understand the current culture and context of each district and school. 



Through our work we have developed deep expertise that we build on with every new district we support. We amplify the strengths of each district and school leadership team while filling in any gap areas. 

Our Purpose:

To partner and collaborate with schools to create pathways to stability.

To partner with school boards/leaders to internally strengthen the school by utilizing proven community-driven turnaround strategies.

To connect school boards/leaders to stakeholders with a common interest in closing academic and opportunity gaps.

Our Values:

  • We recognize and value the strength and uniqueness of each school Board and Administrative team.

  • We are professional, ethical, innovative and supportive school partners.

  • We provide a supportive, collaborative working environment where everyone can maximize their potential.

  • We partner with those closest to the school community in customizing support for their school.

  • We are committed to finding the best education and services partners for schools. 

  • We build stronger boards with support, coaching and best practice implementation.